Residential Process

What your home renovation goal?

In any massive home renovation or development, we spend the time to listen to what our clients' needs and wants are.  The start of this process is the first and most critical step because the purpose of the requirements, always outweighs the wishes, and this lets us know what is essential.  What is the goal? As we walk through the project space and bounce ideas off each other, like layouts and finishing, that vision, that goal, becomes more evident.


Budget & Project Preparation

Now that our vision and plan is ready and the goals are laid out, and the scope is feasible or within your budget.  We will put the numbers together and present you a proposal of the scope of work discussed. You may be pleasantly surprised and want to upgrade some finishing, or you may be sticker shocked and would like to see why and where we can cut back.  Either way, we have come across both scenarios and always work with our clients.

Once the scope of work is selected and the budget is acceptable, your contract and deposit have to be handed in, so we can schedule a start date.  We start the administrative process before the actual start date, pulling permits, ordering materials and scheduling. Project preparation is essential for us to make sure your project runs smoothly.

Renovation Time!

You will have a site supervisor assigned to your renovation and will be on site from start to finish.  They will be your designated contact person with any questions or concerns that arise during your renovation project.  All change orders are written and approved via email so both parties have a record of them and nothing gets lost in translation.  Communication is vital during the process, and it is essential that everyone is kept up to speed. You will always be up-to-date with timeline changes as they occur so that you can accommodate accordingly.

Once the renovation is complete, we will do walk through with you to attend to any touch-ups as needed.  Then we remove our lock box and give you your key back so that you can enjoy your newly renovated/developed space.

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